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Known for its heavily dominant indica, Somango is a genetic baby from its multiple parents, Super Skunk, Big Skunk Korean & Jack Herer. Somango was once known by another name, Soma #5. After countless tasting sessions, the growers decided to change its name to Somango due to its potent smell that takes you to a tropical climate the moment you taste it. This is a totally unique taste for being 75% indica dominant. Somango has been used by artists stretching across the creative minds of genius ́ who have enjoyed this tropically fruity strain. The uplifting effects married with a clear mind allows creatives to be focused and inspired. Grown indoors, you will be looking at a 10 week flowering time.


PriceFrom €22.50
  • Dificulty to grow: Easy 

    Height: 130cm 

    Flowering Time: 9 Weeks

    Yield: 600gr/m2

    Type: Indica


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