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Close up of purple colored cannabis bud.


Cannabis and the modern day cannabis scene came about with figures like the mysterious Skunk Man, that brought the 1st skunk from the states, Ben Dronker the founder of Sensi Seeds and the Hash Museum in Amsterdam, Jack Herer the activist and Shantibaba aka Scott Blakey growing royalty. 


Also how the Rasta community considered cannabis as an alternative medicine for healing everything from everyday joint pain and headaches to insomnia, and not just a drug as they would like you to believe. 


Here at Mother Seeds we understand that CBD is an important cannabinoid for health benefits, but also that THC is the most important cannabinoid, which is in our opinion is one of the reasons why it was made illegal back in the 60s/70s. Also that all cannabis varieties are important and hold a unique health benefit only found in that strain and all are worth collecting.


Mother Seeds has been made for the purpose of finding new and interesting flavours and delivering them to you. We have a collection of trusted growers for our seed production and that way we can insure the best quality possible. We also have a highly experienced taste test team to personally select the best flavours for our range.

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