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Probably the most famous household strain in the industry, Northern Lights is a pure indica known for its fast budding time and how it endeavours to survive the harshest of conditions. Produced from Afghani & Thai Landrace, Northern lights are responsible for a host of strains including the illustrious Super Silver Haze. Many believe Northern Lights was originally grown in Seattle, USA before being mass-produced in Holland. Flavours include spicy and sweet aromas with crystal covered buds with strokes of purple chasing through the flowers. Northern Lights is great for pain relief, in particular, muscle pain. The high keeps you in a dreamy state of consciousness. Indoor flowering times can be anywhere between 7-9 weeks.  


PriceFrom €22.50
  • Dificulty to grow: Easy 

    Height: 120cm 

    Flowering Time: 7-9 Weeks

    Yield: 500gr/m2

    Type: Indica


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