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Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Living in the UK, many find buying cannabis a pain and often very expensive. As weed is illegal, it's very common for smokers to feel frustrated with a lack of options. Cannabis Seeds are often the answer for people looking to grow for personal use giving them the option to grow their favourite strains. Knowing whether Cannabis Seeds are legal in the UK should be on your mind to best protect yourself and your future grow.

"Are Cannabis seeds illegal?", Is a question we´re asked a lot. Read on to find out why cannabis seeds are in fact legal in the UK! has researched all the legality for you so you can know with confidence that you´re not breaking the law by ordering Mother Seeds or any other seeds from a seed bank.

Germinating Seeds

Buying Cannabis seeds in the UK can be seen as a grey area within the law. As seeds in their ungerminated state can be used as a healthy food supplement rich in proteins and amino acids with no psychoactive effect! Cannabis seeds by themselves are harmless and can ́t prove on their own that you have any intent to germinate cannabis seeds or indeed grow weed. Knowing this, neither owning or trading cannabis seeds is illegal in most of Europe, including the UK. Although laws are starting to change in countries such as Canada and the United States of America, Europe is held to legislation dating back to 1962. The Convention on Narcotic Drugs became an important international treaty which determines marijuana is illegal, but not in its cannabis seed state. 180 countries signed the treaty in 1962 committing themselves to a definition of narcotics that excludes cannabis seeds.

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What's the bottom line?

Selling and owning cannabis seeds is legal in countries including the UK, Spain, Germany, France & Italy. Buying seeds from is totally legal if you reside within the UK, however it should be noted that germinating cannabis seeds and its production is illegal.

Buying cannabis seeds in the UK?

Due to discretion, speed, choice & quality, many order their seeds online rather than trying to find cannabis seeds in stores & shops throughout London, Manchester and other major cities within the UK.

Order the best cannabis seeds online in the UK

Knowing that purchasing cannabis seeds from is totally legal, you can take some comfort in knowing where you stand. Our seeds are guaranteed fresh with our reserves only being kept for 6 months to improve quality. offer a free discreet delivery service to the UK giving everyone the best opportunity to hold a piece of cannabis genetic history.

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