Critical Auto is a high-yielding strain with good resistance to mould, pests and diseases. It is a good strain for the 1st time grower and experienced alike.

Indoors it can grow to a height of 55 - 65 cm. It takes 68 - 72 days to complete its life-cycle and possible yields of 400 gr/m2 if given 18/20 hours of light per 24. Outdoors it grows taller, 60 - 90 cm, yielding around 190 gr/plant.

Critical Auto's dense buds have a strong Skunk scent and it is therefore recommended to use carbon-filters to get rid of the smell if growing indoors near to neighbours. Its taste is sweet, earthy citrus. THC production is 12.5% with 0.5% CBD. The effect is initially stimulating but evolves into a more relaxing high.


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  • Dificulty to grow: Easy 

    Height: 40-90cm 

    Flowering Time: 10 Weeks

    Yield: 400gr/m2

    Type: Indica

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